Tracker project structure

This document outlines the structure of the Mason Tracker project itself; that is, how the community, resources, and development processes are intended to work.

Project definition

Official project nameMason Tracker
Project originatorJonathan Swartz
Design goalsLightweight, flexible, Mason advocacy, Mason education


Management modelThe Bazaar
Nominal leadsJared Rhine, Dave Rolsky

Community resources

SourceForge project
Developer's mailing list (Mailman)
Developer's mailing list archive (Geocrawler)
Developer's mailing list archive (Wordzoo)
Project web site (SourceForge) (Not yet in place)
Project web site (Wordzoo)
File distribution (SourceForge, HTTP) (Not yet in place)
File distribution, version 0.01 (SourceForge, HTTP)
File distribution (SourceForge, FTP) (Not yet in place)
File distribution (Wordzoo)
File distribution (Masonhq)
Public CVS repository browser (SourceForge)
Public CVS repository (SourceForge)[]

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