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Mason Tracker (or "Tracker") is a web-based application for performing ticket-tracking, focused on bug reports and enhancements with a small team of developers. Tracker is written using HTML::Mason, a dynamic content framework based on mod_perl.


The current version of Mason Tracker is version 0.02. You may download tar files and browse the release source files at:

About the project

The Tracker project is structured much like many other open source projects. We're volunteers, we're using SourceForge, we have mailing lists, as so on. For a more detailed definition of the project's structure, see the Mason Tracker project definition.

Tracker is a working codebase. However: installation is a little rough, documentation is sparse, and configurability is limited. Enjoy.


  1. Apache httpd server with functional mod_perl installation
  2. HTML::Mason, version 1.0 or higher (?)
  3. Apache::Session


The best source of Tracker information is the Mason Tracker homepage:

A developer's mailing list (and archives) is available at:

You may browse the CVS tree online at:

You can download the nightly tarball of the CVS repository:


The following improvements are planned:
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